Constitutional Remedies under Article 32 and 266 of the Constitution of India

  1. Scope of Article 32 and 226
  2. What Judicial Review, inherent powers of Courts under C.P.C, Cr.P.C and the Constitution o and theory of Separation of Power under the Constitution
  3. What is Writs and its forms
  4. What is Locus Standi
  5. Who can claim Writs
  6. Habeas corpus- ‘Produce the body’; interpreting ‘Procedural Establish by Law’ under Article 21 of the Constitution & discuss the procedure of arrest & Section 167 of Cr.P.C
  7. Mandamus- ‘We Command’; Definition of State & Public Functionaries under Article 12 and definition of Law under Article 13.
  8. Qua warranto
  9. Prohibition
  10. Ceritiorai
  11. What is Public Interest Litigation, Scope of it, who can file, and against whom it can be filed, essentials for petition to be considered as PIL and Procedure to file it. Relationship of PIL and Judicial Review. What is Public Interest in the Constitutional understanding? Landmark case -Laws decided on PIL.
  12. Understanding the phrase ‘Constitutional Morality’ and contours of it. Balancing ‘Constitutional Morality’ and ‘Public Morality’.
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