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SOCIS is a Professional education Platform. We’re dedicated to providing you the best of education, with a focus on dependability and online courses.

What We're All About

We’re working to turn our passion for education into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our education as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

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Our courses are meant to be both informational and entertaining, but the goal of this website will be primarily educational. It can only teach by making people learn about their strengths and weaknesses through words.

Learn Something Every Day

The biggest challenge to success is learning something new everyday. To learn from someone else’s mistakes, you need to know what they’ve learned and then use that knowledge to guide your own life in a different way.

Bobby Harris
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Our vision is to create online courses for students to learn about the constitution of india and to make them more knowledgable through technology.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible live a full life, and we developed a PLATFORM that will help you overcome just about any limitation that stands in your way. It will give you the power to turn any limitation you may be facing into an opportunity that is achievable

Aims & Objectives

  • Research on foundational studies and contemporary Islamic thoughts.
  • Training courses and projects for academic development of students and youth.
  • Comparative studies on ideologies, societies and processes driving human civilization.
  • Research and Training programs on subject of human development. Policy studies and strategic engagement.
  • Research and training on education policy, curriculum development, pedagogy, media, governance etc. Assessments and evaluation.
  • Data driven research and scientific understanding for growth of Muslims and other communities.
  • Disseminating research through Publications and translations.
Learn From Leaders

People who have managed things on the ground — their wisdom is just as valuable, failures help them succeed

Learn at Your Own Pace

Treat each course as if you were trying to master them, but with different levels of difficulty

Professional Certification

We Provide Professional Certificates for Courses that You learn here on Our Own Platform to make People Recognize your Learning.

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